Photo by Daniel J. Kim


...a lively fermented probiotic tea that is craft-brewed in Moscow, Idaho. Each flavor is achieved during small batch fermentation using carefully selected organic fair trade teas, evaporated cane juice, and spices. Love’s Kombucha is delicious by itself without added juices and celebrates the true taste of raw kombucha. The result is a sparkling drink that is high in organic enzymes, vitamins, and antioxidants.

Love's Kombucha is...



Renee and Emmett Love

We live in and brew our kombucha in Moscow, Idaho.  We've been Brewing kombucha for ourselves and friends for 8 years now.  We love our small town and strive to support sustainable and local food systems in the community and surrounding Inland Northwest.

Our Values

As a business, we only sell our kombucha on tap to encourage a reusable bottle system. When you buy our kombucha, you have the option to fill your own reusable bottle or can purchase one of our high-quality glass bottles for long-term use. Selling on tap keeps our kombucha fresh and local.


Photo by Daniel J. Kim

Photo Credit: Daniel J. Kim
Photo Credit: Daniel J. Kim

Photo Credit: Daniel J. Kim
Photo Credit: Daniel J. Kim

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