Blackbird Black

is our simplest brew using a single estate black tea and is a pleasing balance between sweet and tart with bold tea flavor


Earl of Kombucha

is a perennial favorite, using a blend of earl grey and black tea. The fermentation heightens the unique citrus flavor of bergamot orange


White Rose

puts a smile on your face with its delicate sweet, tart floral notes originating from a delightful blend of flowers, white tea, & green tea


Orange Spice

is a smooth, lightly spiced, sweet yet tangy orange flavor


​Rooibos Red

captures the flavor of the South African bush tea that we all love with a smooth, sweet, earthy vanilla taste

​Yerba Mate

is a twist on traditional South American herb. It has a light bitterness that captures the uniqueness of yerba mate creating a slightly sweet, tart, and dry kombucha

Pu-erh Power (Troy Tea)

is a complementary blend of pu-erh, oolong, and white teas.  It is mellow with a strong tea flavor and a little sweetness

Green Jasmine

is the perfect combination of green tea with delightful jasmine creating a tart, citrusy white grape juice-like flavor with floral notes

Coffee Kombu

Using Purpose Roasters coffee (Colfax, WA), we created a kombucha that ​captures both the taste of coffee and tea. Delicate yet powerful


Kukicha Twig Tea

Using the twigs and stems from a green tea plant, this kombucha has an earthy yet vanilly taste with a strong tea flavor


A superior blend of chamomile, lavendar and black tea, we've created a kombucha that is sweet floral, and almost fruity tasting

Please stayed tuned for more exciting varieties to come...

Photo by Daniel J. Kim

Photo by Daniel J. Kim

Photo by Daniel J. Kim