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Tea-Based Varieties

Photo by Daniel J. Kim

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Blackbird Black

is our simplest brew using a single estate black tea and is a pleasing balance between sweet and tart with bold tea flavor


Earl of Kombucha

is a perennial favorite, using a blend of earl grey and black tea. The fermentation heightens the unique citrus flavor of bergamot orange


White Rose

puts a smile on your face with its delicate sweet, tart floral notes originating from a delightful blend of flowers, white tea, & green tea


Orange Spice

is a smooth, lightly spiced, sweet yet tangy orange flavor

​Cinnamon Mate

using Yerba Mate, a traditional South American tea, Orange peel and cinnamon almost give it a taste like cherry Pie!

Ginger Dog

Uses fresh ginger root that is steeped with Ceylon black tea. It is what you all have been waiting for: a smooth, delightful ginger kombucha


Golden Dragon

Using the twigs and stems from a green tea plant, this kombucha has an earthy yet vanilly taste with a strong tea flavor


A superior blend of chamomile, lavender and black tea, we've created a kombucha that is sweet floral, and almost fruity tasting




Acai Pomegranate

The Pomegranate and Acai blend well together to make an amazing superfood combination

Blackberry Pear

With the sweetness of the pear and the delightfulness of the Blackberry, this blend is sure to please

Elderberry Basil

With the unique taste of elderberry and the perfect twist of fresh basil, this blend is just right

Passion Orange Guava

A favorite of many, this is a very bright, refreshing blend 

Pink Lady Raspberry

Using pureed raspberries and delicious apple juice, this is also a local favorite

Sassy Apple

Cayenne, ginger, and apple? Oh my!

Strawberry Blood Orange

Strawberry and orange provide the perfect combination that will make your mouth water for more

Wild Ginger

This is similar to our Ginger Dog but has a spicy, cayenne twist for those that love more of a bite

Grapefruit Tangerine

tangy, citrusy...who could ask for anything more?

Pina Colada

Who ever discovered this perfect blend of pineapple and coconut was a genius. Pina Colada meets kombucha!

Cherry Orange Grape

Refreshing and flavored with your favorites: Cherry, orange, and grape



This blend combines the sweet distinct flavor of mango and the natural tartness of kombucha. Delicious!


Please stayed tuned for more exciting varieties to come...

Juicy Varieties

Photo by Daniel J. Kim

BareCulture bottles.PNG

Photo by Daniel J. Kim

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